August 05, 2014

summer inventory

Making: lemon bars
Cooking: homemade pizza
Drinking: ice water. nothing can beat it.
Reading: zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance
Wanting: a nap or to go to the movies by myself. 
Looking: at tools for jason. he's getting serious about building furniture.
Playing: "i'm gonna get you!"
Wasting: time. what else is new?
Wishing: for a tropical vacation. 
Enjoying: summer
Waiting: for missionaries to come home. 
Liking: our new place.
Wondering: what's in store. at this point anything can happen. 
Loving: wesley's new facial expressions. 
Hoping: for a one on one date with my hubbah. 
Marveling: at how quickly summer is going by. 
Needing: more sleep. 
Smelling: candles that smell like the beach. 
Wearing: v-neck t-shirts basically every. single. day.
Following: an old man on our morning runs. we tend to go at the same time and often the same route...awkward?
Noticing: everything. having a baby really opens your eyes to the world. 
Knowing: wesley won't be this small forever. make it stop. 
Thinking: about babies, and more babies and how many?
Feeling: often overwhelmed
Pinning: home decor
Opening: wesley's door to get him from a nap.
Giggling: whenever wesley makes his sour face.
Feeling: proud

August 01, 2014

household favorites | july 2014

while cleaning up my house today i thought i would share with you a couple of favorite products and things i've discovered this past month. 

recently i have fallen in love with shea moisture products. what i love most about it is all the ingredients are recognizable. you know exactly what you are putting on your skin and they are good, healthy ingredients. wesley has extremely sensitive skin. after a few outbreaks of eczema i started using the eczema therapy balm and it has cleared up his skin so much! i'm now only putting on him at night before bed and his skin is clear and soft. also, it smells like doughnuts... i decided to switch his shampoo and body wash as well because the kind i was using before was really sugary smelling and i wasn't sure of all the ingredients. so i made the switch to shea moisture's ultra-sensitive fragrance free body wash and shampoo and that has really helped protect baby's sensitive skin. 

ever since i got pregnant i have had issues with hyper-pigmentation on my face. anytime i get a pimple or spend too much time in the sun i will get dark spots. so frustrating. so i started using neutrogena's clear face suncreen with spf 55. i wear it almost every day because wesley and i spend so much time outside. i wear it under my makeup or on my bare face. this has helped so much to diminish dark spots and keep my skin from developing new ones. 

and then there's the lips. my love for burt's bees started as a pre-teen and will continue forever. for someone who bites her lips as much as i do, this is a life saver. i've also been loving a nude lip. summer just doesn't seem like the right season for bold lip colors so i've pretty much stuck with a nude lip all season. anything that requires just one swipe and no touch up is the product for me. 

bath and body works summer candle scents are to die for. some smell like salt water, some smell like beach grass, and some even smell like sunscreen. what more can be said?

and then a random favorite - before motherhood summers were the season of endless book readings. i could finish ten books in those three short months with time to spare. i use to always start my summer off with a book list and would fly through it. well this summer i have gotten through only eight chapters of zen and the art of motorcycle maintenance but i am loving it! i "read" this book for a class in college but during that time reading books basically consisted of browsing through chapters and only consuming enough information to write a ten page paper on. i still can't believe that i was able to do that. and i got a good grade on that paper too! however, i came away from that book and that paper with very little knowledge about the story and the philosophies of this book. oh how some classes ruined my literary experiences. jason read this book last year and he absolutely loved it so i thought i had to give it another go. it's an "inquiry into values" that reads like a novel. i can't tell you too much about it because i'm not far enough in but i can tell you that from what i've read it is worth picking up or at least putting on your list of things to read. 

July 29, 2014

a taste of life lately according to my iphone

i'm sure you've heard it from basically everyone already, but i can't believe july is basically over and taking with it the majority of the summer. it's been a fun month, reuniting with my mom, introducing her to wesley, hours spent outdoors, splash pads, trips to the canyon and far too many trips to target for summer essentials. wesley and i cannot bare to spend more then an hour inside so we keep finding ourselves anywhere but home. one day last week when i was feeling particularly cooped up we headed for the mountains and explored bridal veil waterfall. we dipped our feet in the cold water and enjoyed feeling the waterfall mist wet our clothing. having a baby makes you notice so much more beauty in everything. suddenly everything is so interesting and holds mysteries that itch to be discovered. i want him to explore and learn about everything. 
another favorite moment recently was getting together with some girlfriends for some much needed reconnecting. why does it sometimes feel impossible to stay in touch and socialize? every time we all get together we realize just how long it has been and desperately try to make plans for a sooner reunion, only to have the weeks (and more likely months) go by. wesley got to spend time with his friend sawyer. having babies with your girlfriends is such a blessing. five chatting girls, a basket of muffins and the sheer excitement of friends on a summer evening with no air conditioning required stripping the babies down to their diapers to help them cool off. 
i have complained so often how it is impossible for me to surprise jason with anything. it's usually because the anticipation of keeping a secret from him is just too much that i have to let it out and express to him how excited i am that i have something for him...well this time i pulled it off. kind of. he still found out twelve hours earlier due to twenty questions, but i was able to surprise him with a date completely planned by yours truly. we've been wanting to tube down the river for over a year or so and so i finally pull the trigger to make it happen. on jason's day off we dropped wesley off at my brothers so that we could enjoy three beautiful hours alone on an actual date! it was wonderful. there were a few bumpy moments on the ride. discovering how to steer a tube on water resulted in running into a tree and being knocked of the tube in the freezing water and missing our pick up point, which resulted in a mile and a half walk with no shoes...thankfully those sour moments weren't enough to spoil such a fun adventure together. we've already made plans for more like it. 
every morning requires a walk around the park with wesley to beat the summer sun in the afternoon. it is so fun to watch how interested he is in everything and how much he has grown in just the past couple of months. he no longer just lounges in his stroller, he has to lean forward with such anticipation and reach his tiny hands out for the chain linked fence that guards the park. he is the most persistent little thing i have ever encountered. when he wants something he will stop at nothing to get it. he can never stay still and is always looking for something new to discover. we are beginning to get a taste of his eager personality letting us know that we have our work cut out for us.