October 28, 2014

10.28.2014 | trick or treat, smell my feet

smell my feet! 
give me something good to eat!

i can still hear my elementary classmates singing this during recess every october. oh how clever we use to think ourselves. 

if you're looking for a cute halloweeny shirt for your kiddo why not just make one? i made this "trick-or-treat, smell my feet" shirt with iron on letters. that's about as crafty as i get. i bought the shirt and letters from Hobby Lobby, didn't cost me more then $6. just follow the instructions on the iron on letters and you're good to go. wesley will be wearing this under his costume come halloween and i am super excited. 

October 23, 2014

10.23.2014 | autumn walk

wesley and i try to be outside as much as possible. the front room of our apartment doesn't allow for much light and most days it drives me mad. so instead of toughing it out in our cave i take several walks everyday and usually end up at the park where wesley attempts to chase the other children. everything is so new and interesting to him. one of my favorite things about having a kid is suddenly the world is new to you as well. i find myself wanting him to see and touch everything as i try to explain it to him. it's such a shame that we grow up and lose this wonder. here are a few pictures of our walk the other day.

we walk past this grape vine almost everyday. every time i get a whiff of it scenes of picking grapes with my mom come to mind. every fall we would spend hours picking grapes that we would make in to grape juice and can for the year. that sweet fermented smell will forever be one of my favorites. i wish i could store that scent or find a candle to match but no imitation could ever do it justice.

these lovely roses grow next to our house. every time we pass it wesley tries to grab them. these poor things have suffered a lot abuse at the hands of a baby.

and then of course our little pumpkins that need some halloween lovin'. 

October 22, 2014

10.22.2014 | thank you

i just wanted to thank all of you who have reached out to me since my last post. i have felt such an overwhelming gratitude for all who have emailed, texted, called, and commented. such a wonderful reminder that we are all in this together and what a difference a sincere heart can make in our lives. thank you!
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