September 20, 2014

09.21.2014 | birthday birthday

last week i celebrated my 24th birthday. i'm often surprised to realize how young i am. yes i am only 24 years old with a husband an infant child. i guess i often think i am older then i really am. not to say i think i am old and wise, but you can fit a lot of life experiences in 24 years. 

my 24th birthday was a good one. i'm not really one for birthday's, especially my own. i share my birthday with my mom (i suppose i should say she shares her birthday with me) so our birthday usually consisted of us trying to out do the other. this birthday was extra special though because my mom and sister are finally home from their missions so i got so spend some time at lunch with them. the whole day jason spoiled me and didn't let me lift a finger. i tend to be an OCD freak but jason took care of all my usual chores and even let me take a nap. after presents and lunch he surprised me with a trip to the mountains where we enjoyed a ski lift ride to the top of the peak as a family. the whole day was tailored to my tastes. after dinner out alone we ended the night with sugar cookies. it was perfect. 

so far my twenties have been pleasing. i'm definitely grateful i have six more years of them. but i don't mind getting old anymore. there is so much to look forward to and to realize that if God willing, i haven't lived half my life yet, i'm excited for the sixty more years to come. jason and i talk about what our fifties and sixties will be like and we always end the conversation with a smile on our face and a whole bunch to look forward to. i'm in no rush to get there, but i'm definitely looking forward to getting old. 

September 01, 2014

09.01.2014 | finally a video of our time in nauvoo

my mom and sister are returning from their missions in the next week so i had to get this video up before my mom got home because she will probably make me take it down;) nauvoo was so fun! the best part was probably watching my mom dance and sing in a bunch of performances. now i understand where i get all my sweet moves from. she is one talented mama.

August 28, 2014

08.28.2014 | the haps

it seems like the only posts i actually get around to writing are ones like these, "what we've been up to recently" blah, blah, blah. i honestly don't know how some bloggers post several times a week. i love posting in this corner of the internet but honestly real life is a lot more fun. so here you go! another "life lately" post! one thing of note, i started classes again. before wesely was born i only had one semester or so left to my degree but babies make life a little busier so i expect it is going to take me longer. thankfully i found a couple classes this semester that i can take that are available in the evening so as soon as jason comes home i'm off to class. i am so grateful! i was not ready to leave wes and head back to school full time. no thank you.
summer parades. can't believe this is all ending soon.

wesley and i head to our local library at least once a week. they have fun music and story time classes for babies three times a week so we try to hit one of those and grab some books for our story time at home. i love how much he enjoys reading books.

it's almost football season! i was never one for the sport but when i married jason he educated me and now i look forward to it. well mostly i look forward to football season because that means autumn is near! i always get ahead of myself come the end of august. summer is great but autumn and winter hold a special place in my heart. 

pizza we both can enjoy!